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Axel Schoevers (Photo: A. de Krook) Name:
Axel Schoevers
Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Falls of Lora Memories

I finally updated my website with pictures from Falls of Lora and the 1st Storm Gathering symposium on Isle of Mull from October 2006. Today, Justine sent me below pictures that Alun Hughes took of me in Falls of Lora. After months of mental preparations I think I am now finally ready for the premiere of This is the Sea 3. In fact, today Justine put a preview on her website (, so I better be ready! At least Alun's photo's show that am 'right-side-up' at some point in Falls of Lora, and in control of my craft. In control? I can already hear Justine laughing... I cannot complain too much about the preview... This is the Sea 3 has it's Dutch Grand Premiere on 17 March, look on Zeekajak.NL for details.
On the front wave (Photo by Alun Hughes)200610060518
Getting stuck-in (Photo by Alun Hughes)
For more pictures of the Falls of Lora and the 1st Storm Gathering symposium, look at my 2006 Logbook entries. Memories... NOT Memoires! Embrace the elements, again and again and again...


Hans Heupink said...

Hi Axel!
Very impressive pictures!
Watching the preview of TITS3 this afternoon the first person I recognised was some guy talking about diry trousers?! That happens when you have fun? congratulations1

PS: can you please bring along a videocopy of TITS1 thsi saturday?

derrick said...

I laughed hysterically at you're bit. .. wet is one thing, wet and brown is a whole other subject!

Axel said...

Hi Derick, fortunately upon checking my dry-bib, oops... 'wet-bib' (no latex neck seal) in this case, I noticed it only was wet and I was spared the brown stuff. My 'reputation' is 'building' over the series ;-)) There has allways been some part that Justine has for me. Some ongoing 'theme' I think... I overheard that you are coming over for the Anglesey symposium? Be sure to take enough sets of dry clothes with you and yes, there is a drying room also ;-))

derrick said...


Yep that's the plan. I need to sponge up as much expertise as I can from you guys!!! Dry clothes are top of my list. :) see ya!