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Axel Schoevers (Photo: A. de Krook) Name:
Axel Schoevers
Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baja Visitors

Above picture was taken while waiting for our pick-up at the end of our kayaking trip. I had just sat on a tree trunk under a shady brush when I decided to walk back to the beach to further pack my gear. Upon returning someone commented there was a lizard on my shoulder. After posing for the camera, I gently walked back to sit on the tree trunk again and the lizard slowly moved off my shoulder and off my back. As soon as it 'hit' the ground it sped away with incredible speed.

I am not in a hurry to leave. It was either a flight on Sunday, the day after my trip ended (too harsh), or only on Thursday. Arriving back in Loreto I walk by the Damiana Inn when I see the back of a somewhat familiar hair-style, walk and posture. It is Helen Marsden that I know and worked with at the Anglesey Symposium. What a coincidence! She is here for the around Carmen trip with Sea Kayak Baja Mexico with Marcos en Ramon guiding.

Ginni and Edgar left Tuesday for a Loreto to La Paz trip. Maddie outfitted a group of 3 British 4* paddlers that go on their own trip. Lots of activity going on here, but now it is totally quiet. All boats and guides are out. I finally have time to get work done BEFORE I get back home. I even have time for organizing and selecting trip pictures and post blog articles, that I generally do not have time for so soon after a trip.

This last evening here, Maddie invited me for a dinner out. We went by car because it would be across the 'freeway' and a bit too long to walk. That worried me, because that would mean Loreto is much bigger than I thought. However, that very local restaurant that Isabelle recommended was closed. The alternative was another tiny local restaurant where the waiter presented us with a ring-binded thick menu 'book'. Choice-stress. I had not eaten a hamburger with chips for ages and the spicy jalapeno burger sounded great and not too difficult to choose; and it was delicious with home-made fries.

Across our table sat another couple. As soon as I mentioned Holland in my english conversation with Maddie, the woman on the other table responded in Dutch to me. No less than Mirjam Wouters ( is sitting at the table next to us. In 2001 she took a break from university to go cycling and never returned... Sounds somewhat like me taking my Sabattical in 2003...

Baja visitors; whales, cyclists, paddlers, BCU coaches, dutch nationals and lizards alike. Adventures tapping upon one's shoulder.

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