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Sunday, June 08, 2008

An inconvenient reality

Coming back from Jersey, I was shocked to see that the gasoline prices have soared to EUR 1,65 per liter; that is equivalent to USD 10,00 per US gallon! In Jersey it was not that obvious because there they enjoy very low taxes on about everything. Only very recently Jersey has introduced sales tax, a 'shocking' 3% (compared to the 19% and next year 20% in the Netherlands). Then how to cut the high cost of gasoline?

I do not know how long I will be focused on this, but I decided to be much more aware of when I want to drive where, to cut down on excess car kilometers. Driving to the local marine supplies shop just to find out that what I need might be out of stock? A telephone call helps and internet shops even more...

In the Netherlands, and probably around the whole world, there is talk of inflation. With economies so reliant on transporting goods it is just a matter of time that the high energy cost inevitable will increase end-product prices, fueling a spiralling inflation. But anyway, I have my tubes of SikaFlex within 24 hours of ordering delivered to my doorstep. My car is collecting leaves.

Hummers are out, Tata cars are in? Not only because Tata cars would be cheaper, but they must weigh a ton less than the average turbo gas/diesel guzzler, and just because of that could be twice as fuel efficient. That would be cutting down on fuel consumption! Cars and traveling is the most expensive part of sea kayaking.

Cost more? Use/spend less! Now I think I heard economists warn for a recession on that scenario... Instead we should consume more and spend more... I will try to paddle more and spend even more time on the water...

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Anonymous said...

From New Mexico we see folks cutting back on everything except going out to the parks. Its what they can afford. thousands of jobs are being lost almost daily, banks going under...not a good picture.. Bank of England and the Federal Reserve Banks are at fault as well as bushes wars...