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Axel Schoevers (Photo: A. de Krook) Name:
Axel Schoevers
Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Powered by Lendal

That sounds as a promotional pitch! In some ways it is. Johnson Outdoors integrated Lendal just over a year ago. Transferring production from Scotland to the United States was not without troubles, as some (many?) of you that ordered Lendal paddles may have experienced. At the Anglesey symposium I learned from them that all back-orders would have been dealt with (finally) by the end of May and that they have now a much increased production capacity. I ordered my new paddles just a week ago. Yesterday, they arrived; that is fast!

I am sponsored by Lendal since Around the Netherlands by Sea Kayak. There are many good paddle brands and (blade) designs on the market. The versatile Lendal Paddlok/Varilok system allows me, as a coach, to let people experiment with different paddle lengths, feather, blade design and blade size. And for me, makes life easier when traveling on airplanes. Before you buy any paddle you should try it out in real conditions and/or attend a forward paddling class. Not 'just ask' advice, experience advice and adjust for personal paddling style and preferences.


eurion said...

That sounds like great service. Where did you order your blades from Axel? or did Lendal supply direct?

This is the first good story about supply I've heard in a long time. I made enquiries last week about availablity of a carbon kinetik and was advised to look elsewhere as due to promised delivery dates always being moved, the retailer had given up on Lendal as a supplier.

I hope that soon we hear some good things agian in the UK.

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Axel!
Congrulations with your new Lendal's! And thanks for borrowing your old Carbon Kinetiks for a testing period some time ago. I really did like the light-weight carbon Kinetik, but as I wanted to buy one, the high-end Lendal paddles turned out not to be available (not in the Netherlands, and also not in Scotland). Finally this made the decision easier - Arend ordered a Werner-paddle for me last week. Also a perfect blade!

Axel said...

Hi Eurion,
In the UK try Kari-Tek. They have been long time supporters/retailers for Lendal. The factory used to be at a stone-throw distance from them. Imagine how they must have felt through the transition period... But most importantly, they have NOT given up on Lendal! I just learned from them that they have received shipments lately and the outlook for new orders is good.

Axel said...

Yep, that is what was due to happen with the supply issues Lendal has had for about a year now. I got my Lendals direct from the USA. Lendal (Johnson Outdoors) now face the challenge of building-up confidence again with both customers and dealers. Let's hope that my experience with quick delivery is not incidental. From personal experience (and by education) I know that one of the worst things a company can face is promoting a good product while not being able to supply demand for it. People lose confidence and look elsewhere. Work to be done; Repowering by Lendal!