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Axel Schoevers
Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Practical Navigator

Once I came across "The New American Practical Navigator", a very comprehensive resource (book) originally written by Nathanial Bowditch in 1802.

With the aging of the internet and the new age of mobile apps it is oftentimes a patchwork of on-line resources that are in various stages of maturity, usefulness and oftentimes outright impractical.

Marine GeoGarage is a true gem for the marine (sea kayak) trip planner. It seamlessly (literally) combines official nautical charts with Google Earth. Currently the nautical charts for USA (NOAA), New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands are available for free. Other area's, for instance UK (HO), Canada and Australia, require a paid subscription.

The most amazing thing (for me) is the seamless scaling to ever more detailed charts of an area. Moving a slider changes the transparency to identify features between the nautical chart and Google Earth view. To top it all is the possibility to create GPS way-points and routes on-the-fly and export those directly or indirectly to a GPS.

A great on-line navigation tool that is highly practical.

It's a good day
for going to sea
Hanno the Navigator said to me.
(Al Stewart)

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