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Axel Schoevers
Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Saturday, May 07, 2011

My 99 Pence Worth...

Justine Curgenven has started to sell her films as on-line (high quality) digital downloads at CackleTV at D-I-Y (download it yourself) prices. From the complete This is the Sea series through the individual episodes of those DVD's and more... Some of these films have not been seen before!

In February 2004, Justine interviewed me on camera about Around the Netherlands by Sea Kayak by Nico Middelkoop and me. While there was hardly any (spectacular) film footage of our trip to combine it with, I had no expectations that this interview would ever make it into any of Justine's This is the Sea DVD's.

How big was my surprise today, that Justine had indeed edited the interview and combined it with the best of the available footage of our trip and more... into a complete, excellently edited, entertaining short film that can be downloaded from here !

Some of you might remember some spectacular sea kayak surf footage in the introduction to the first This is the Sea. This was filmed in Callantsoog in the Netherlands by long-time paddling buddy Nico Pennings. This day is also prominently featured by Justine in the same film.

While I am at this 'not seen before' thing, below picture is of Justine 'imprisoned' on Egmont Key off Tampa Bay in Florida, February 2004. We now know what happened when This is the Sea got released into the sea kayak community.

Interestingly, hearing myself again for the first time after all these years, I noticed that my views on sea kayaking have not changed, at least not my 99 Pence worth of it.

if you're worth more than 99 Pence
those who have a lot and those who have not
remain Francs, Marks, Pesetas or Cents

Lines from "The Root of all Evil" by The Beautiful South

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Hubert said...

Bedankt voor de tip.
Net gedownload, mooi om te zien. Gelijk het korte verslag uit de blog erbij gelezen. Pittige trip...