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Axel Schoevers
Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Moving Metaphors

These are very moving times.
In a light-hearted move, but totally unplanned, my internet domain names are moving to another domain registrar. The building they were in, had demolition orders. And nobody was left there to answer my calls. From the silent green pastures in the eastern part of the Netherlands to the bustling 24/7 Amsterdam scene.

My websites are moving across the Atlantic to somewhere in Houston Texas. There it has more than 300 times more space and the roads can deal with more than 100 times the monthly traffic. I made sure that everything was wrapped-up and packed-up before the movers arrived and that I could close the doors behind me. And that nothing is left behind. There are four home domains to be moved. Two new ones popped-up out of nowhere. Not all the moving vehicles arrive at the same time nor will they arrive at the new addresses at the same time.

My e-mails are currently forwarded until all the dust of moving has settled. A hectic time. Messages are 'returned to sender' until all post offices and mail exchanges are aware of the new physical location of my mail boxes.

My phone will get disconnected shortly, awaiting to be transferred to the new shiny small mobile home with the big bright window. It will serve as my new mobile communications centre.

Dad moved as well. Some strange circumstance had him wake-up in hospital last Thursday. He wants to return home A.S.A.P. Like I said earlier, moving times...

Christmas time is getting nearer. Hope that all the moving dust settles and that there can be family time at home. In all this hectic, there is still no Christmas tree set-up. But that is not critical yet. Tomorrow is early enough. The family tree usually lasts well into January until after the arrival of three Kings. For some reason they have been on the move every year for about 2007 years.

Dunno when this posting can be read (again). Moving on...

Moving stranger, does it really matter
As long as you're not afraid to feel.
Touch me, hold me, how my open arms ache
Try to fall for me.
 Moving liquid, yes, you are just as water.
You flow around all that comes in your way.
Don't think it over, it always takes you over,
And sets your spirit dancing.
(Moving - Kate Bush)


Hans Heupink said...

Hi Axel!
Wow, moving on... Head up! Settle down and have good Christmas time.

derrick said...

much better to quote kate bush than yoko ono. . . . I hope the move goes fairly smoothly. :)

Axel said...

On the move update...
The company that I moved my websites to as mentioned in above post is Hostcentric. They are currently strongly discounting their hosting packages. First I made a mistake when naming my new account. Then I opened a new account to fix that naming error. I paid for both accounts... A few days later I found out that Hostcentric cut their prices even more. Bummer. There I was there with two more 'expensive' accounts, one obsolete. But I am very pleased that Hostcentric was very easy on cancelling and promptly refunding my wrongly named account. People in the Netherlands that visit my website(s) now only have to live with slightly less 'snappier' page views. All page views now have to cross the Atlantic and back. Now I only have to find ways of filling my 300 Gig web space. Also their server SPAM filter is working great. From hundreds of SPAM e-mails a day arriving on my PC and into my SPAM folder it is cut back to only one SPAM e-mail a week. So far I can really recommend Hostcentric! And thank you Derrick!